《BBC:爆炸:我们何以震撼世界》(BBC: Explosions: How We Shook The World)[PDTV]

《BBC:爆炸:我们何以震撼世界》(BBC: Explosions: How We Shook The World)[PDTV]
  • 片  名  《BBC:爆炸:我们何以震撼世界》(BBC: Explosions: How We Shook The World)[PDTV]
  • 简  介  发行时间: 2010年地区: 英国语言: 英语
  • 类  别  综艺
  • 小  类  纪录片

  • 详细介绍简介: 【类型】: 纪录
    【影片长度】: 59分钟
    【字幕】: 暂无
    【服务器】: 随机
    爆炸工程师Jem Stansfield在节目中将向我们介绍人类如何学会控制炸弹和控制它的能量的故事,他模拟了中国的古代炼丹术,仿制三十年代设备来分裂原子,走进地下矿洞了解炸药的使用,模拟棉火药的发明和使用,拜访了一家历史悠久的现代化高爆炸物工厂。节目中大量使用高速摄像机系统。(文:life_is_good@YDY)
    Engineer Jem Stansfield is used to creating explosions, but in this programme he uncovers the story of how we have learnt to control them and harness their power for our own means. From recreating a rather dramatic ancient Chinese alchemy accident to splitting an atom in his own home-built replica of a 1930s piece of equipment, Jem reveals how explosives work and how we have used their power throughout history. He goes underground to show how gunpowder was used in the mines of Cornwall, recreates the first test of guncotton in a quarry with dramatic results and visits a modern high explosives factory with a noble history. Ground-breaking high speed photography makes for some startling revelations at every step of the way.
    Complete name Explosions.How.We.Shook.The.World.2010.WS.XviD-FTP.avi
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    File size 550 MiB
    Duration 59mn 22s
    Overall bit rate 1 294 Kbps
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    Format profile Advanced Simple@L5
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    Format settings, GMC No warppoints
    Format settings, Matrix Default H.263
    Muxing mode Packed bitstream
    Codec ID XVID
    Codec ID/Hint XviD
    Duration 59mn 22s
    Bit rate 1 150 Kbps
    Width 640 pixels
    Height 352 pixels
    Display aspect ratio 16 9
    Frame rate 25.000 fps
    Resolution 8 bits
    Colorimetry 4 2 0
    Scan type Progressive
    Bits/ Pixel*Frame 0.204
    Stream size 489 MiB 89%
    Writing library XviD 1.2.1 UTC 2008-12-04
    ID 1
    Format MPEG Audio
    Format version Version 1
    Format profile Layer 3
    Mode Joint stereo
    Format_Settings_ModeExtension MS Stereo
    Codec ID 55
    Codec ID/Hint MP3
    Duration 59mn 22s
    Bit rate mode Variable
    Bit rate 131 Kbps
    Minimum bit rate 32.0 Kbps
    Channel s 2 channels
    Sampling rate 48.0 KHz
    Stream size 55.7 MiB 10%
    Alignment Aligned on interleaves
    Interleave, duration 24 ms 0.60 video frame
    Interleave, preload duration 459 ms
    Writing library LAME3.98r
    Encoding settings -m j -V 5 -q 2 -low
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