Imperative Reaction -《Minus All》[MP3!]

Imperative Reaction -《Minus All》[MP3!]
  • 片  名  Imperative Reaction -《Minus All》[MP3!]
  • 简  介  发行时间: 2008年10月22日地区: 美国语言: 英语
  • 类  别  音乐
  • 小  类  欧美音乐

  • 详细介绍专辑中文名: Minus All歌手: Imperative Reaction资源格式: MP3发行时间: 2008年10月22日地区: 美国语言: 英语简介:
    音乐流派: Electronic/Industrial/Alternative/metal/Modern Electro
    唱片公司: (p) 2008 Metropolis Records
    ~美国现代电子/工业音乐掌门人Imperative Reaction(势在必行)2008全新出发,
    Imperative Reaction 2008 全新大碟《Minus All》带领你的耳朵与心灵一起,减去所有~
    电子+金属这类型的音乐似乎很难找到,(找到的十有八九也是垃圾)。无意中淘到此专辑,狂喜~原来美国也有如此优秀的电子乐。Imperative Reaction是全美少有的几个正在延伸并重写现代电子工业音乐的成功乐队之一。
    如果你感慨现在的金属乐队越来越索然无味,而所有的电子似乎又千篇一律。不要错过Imperative Reaction-Minus All。相信其醉人的混合动力,充满激情的旋律和嗓音将继续赢得全球乐迷的掌声。 (网络资源稀缺,相当难找,请大家保留压缩包,分流,从我做起)。
    ~love VC~love Tony~love Electronic~
    Imperative Reaction s Minus All may be quite energetic and anthemic, but it isn t a drastic step in their evolution.With a penchant for both angst and aggression, Imperative Reaction are one of the few bands out there that have managed to expand upon and even partially rewrite the definition of modern electro/industrial music. While their last effort, the breakout monster As We Fall showcased the analog synth veneer of their touring partners VNV Nation, this permutation feels like the missing link between it and their more caustic EBM effort, Redemption.
    From the onset of Minus All, it is blindingly clear that Imperative Reaction s anger has a key role to play here. Working from grey-hued disgust to a larynx-shredding chorus, Ted Phelps resides here like the personification of nihilism. Musically, its tone is like guitar-driven industrial if rephrased for an electro purist, with its drum machines caught in a four-on-the-floor whip-crack beat while its synths surge forth like a wall of blipping, buzzing wasps. Dishing out a relentless bass beat over a rustle of metallic snares, the rhythmic turbine called Panic Cycle is equally lively. Ted Phelps howls staccato against this din, while a jagged synth line rises to finally overtake him during its bubbling breaks. However, if a hit is to be tapped by the DJ populace, it would be Functional. From the onset of its thrumming arpeggio buzz to its pulmonary thump-and-clack beat, it s clear this is a machine designed to decimate the dance floor. Over this rigid refrain, Phelps overthrows each methodically petulant verse with a defiant harmonic chorus where even the humming synth rises as if trying to match him in both timbre and confidence.
    While all quite able at vaunting their manic side, their depressive angles have a bit more polish this go-around. Its steady puffs of drum pad may lope to a charged rubbery arpeggio, yet it is Phelps bruised lyrical descent in In Decline that catches one s attention. As harmonious as the vocals are here, it is with You Remain that the band prove that they can pen quite the electronic ballad. Slithering in from a malignant bass line and an icy fluttering synth, Phelps sags from a melancholic mutter to a heart-wrenching croon while a mere organic snare and hi-hat pound out a grimly vacant beat. It may not have the visceral impact of their vitriol, but their sorrow here feels strikingly sincere.
    If there s any fault to be found within this disc, it s that there is
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楼主能把他们另外一张As We Fall也共享出来么?
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