• 片  名  《.Net控件》(Developer.Express.NET.WindowsForms.Component.Collection.v2.1.0)2.1.0
  • 简  介  发行时间: 2005年11月13日
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  • 详细介绍中文名: .Net控件英文名: Developer.Express.NET.WindowsForms.Component.Collection.v2.1.0别名: Developer.Express.NET版本: 2.1.0发行时间: 2005年11月13日地区: 美国简介:
    [已通过安全检测]瑞星2005 17.53.01
    [已通过安装测试]windows 2003 sp1 vol
    共享服务器:Razorback 2
    chunmingzi 发的
    For 2005的不能用,不是正式版,居然还是精华???
    本页的for 2005,由本人测试是正式版,
    For .net 2.0.50727 Vs.net 8.0.050727.4200
    chunmingzi 发的是2.01,我发的是2.10,2.01for vs2005的不是正式版,为二楼的加一句
    Developer Express出品的.NET windowsform控件,包括所有WINDOWSform控件库,包括 XtraGrid, XtraBars,XtraReports, XtraTreeList, XtraVerticalGrid,XtraNavBar部件。第一个是for 2002,2003的版本,第二个是FOR 2005的版本,两个版本内含注册机。
    The first and most comprehensive 100% native grid control suite for Visual Studio .NET The XtraGrid offers a massive number of features to power your .NET development forward. Written from ground-up using the C programming language, it is sure to provide your applications with the superior navigation capabilities found in today s most popular applications.
    XtraReports Suite is our new generation reporting platform for Windows.NET and ASP.NET developers. XtraReports Suite integrates directly into the Visual Studio IDE to give you the same power and flexibility for report development that you have for developing applications and websites.
    The XtraTreeList Suite is our 100% native .NET component library which allows you to break passed the traditional limits of treeview controls and represent information - be it in bound or unbound mode - to your end users in an intuitive TreeList metaphor. Ultra fast and feature rich, the XtraTreeList can give your applications incredible flexibility without writing any source code.
    XtraVerticalGrid is our inverted grid control for Visual Studio reg; .NET, designed to help you build more efficient and flexible data entry forms for Windows reg; applications.
    Bring the User Interface of Windows XP - MS Office - and Visual Studio .NET to your applications with the most advanced navigation bar available for .NET.
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