《Autodesk Inventor Professional 11 英文版》(Autodesk Inventor Professional 11)11[ISO]

《Autodesk Inventor Professional 11 英文版》(Autodesk Inventor Professional 11)11[ISO]
  • 片  名  《Autodesk Inventor Professional 11 英文版》(Autodesk Inventor Professional 11)11[ISO]
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    While it’s still a couple of months away from full customer shipping, Al Dean and Martyn Day managed to uncover some of the new features of Autodesk’ flagship 3D product development application. With its annual release program now a regular item on the CAD calendar, Autodesk is going through the final stages of beta testing its forthcoming releases. So far, Autodesk has consistently stuck around the March time-frame for its mass product launch and this year seems like no exception, give or take a month. The forthcoming release of Inventor, version 11, was widely rumoured to have improved surfacing, together with the wiring up of the final parts of its MechSoft ‘functional design’ acquisition. As the official launch comes near, and with developers and beta testers giving rave reports, we give our insights as to what to expect in what looks like a major update.
    1) Large assemblies asssembly configurations
    Handling of large assemblies is something that’s always a concern with all mainstream CAD vendors. Back in the good old days when RAM and hard-drive capacity were both measured in MB, people learnt to work with the minimum data required to define a product. As things have progressed, the ability to easily define every single feature and function within a product model has become a reality. That said, even now, with the ability to pretty much have unlimited computing resources, assembly handling is still a problem and one that won’t always be solved by throwing more powerful hardware at it. So, with this in mind, Inventor R11 appears to have a number of tools that allow you to work with the incredibly detailed datasets that are now common. Much of this appears to have been done through changes to assembly display and interaction. We have been told that users can define the level of detail or feature groupings that allow you to load only the data you need to work with. This allows the inspection and manipulation of product structure without having the geometry overhead. We don’t know exactly how big or fast you will be able to with large assemblies but it will improve the performance of assemblies you can already load and should enable you to load assemblies that are currently too big.
    The Mechanical and Component calculators and the fittings libraries for Tube and Piping have been consolidated into the Content Centre, making definition and modification, as well as learning, much easier. Of course another way of making lighter work of large assemblies is to make your CAD system 64-bit. Unlike SolidWorks, who has just announced a 64-bit version of SolidWorks 2006 (see page 6 of the news), Inventor 11 will still be based on 32-bit code. This means that a single Inventor session will still only be able to address 4GB memory, whereas a 64-bit CAD application will be able to address infinitely more. Despite the new large model handling capabilities, some ‘power’ Inventor users may still be disappointed to learn that Autodesk has not yet made the 64-bit move, which would give them extra capacity to work with much larger models (hardware permitting). However, Autodesk does have plans to introduce a 64-bit version in the near future, as well as including optimisations to enable the software to run quicker on the new generation of dual core workstations.
    Elsewhere, on the subject of assemblies, Autodesk has introduced new functionality called Assembly configurations whereby you can create full product variants and manage t
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